Comammox Research Platform extended by the University of Vienna


The University of Vienna has extended the Comammox Research Platform, which was founded in 2018, until June 2024. Aims of the platform are to study fundamental aspects of comammox physiology and to elucidate the ecological roles and impact of complete nitrifiers. Subprojects include the structural and biochemical characterization of key comammox enzymes, and strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions due to nitrification. Participating PIs are Holger Daims, Michael Wagner, Andreas Richter, and Wolfgang Wanek at CMESS, and Kristina Djinovic-Carugo at the Centre for Molecular Biology.

Research platforms are organisational units, established between faculties at the University of Vienna in order to promote especially innovative research areas. They address academic questions that can only be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective.