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The current daime version is 2.1

License keys

  • A newly installed copy of daime runs in demo mode. It will load only the sample images we provide. The features of the program can be explored with these images for an unlimited time.
  • In addition, daime can be tested with users' own images during a 30-days evaluation period. Choose option "Help:Start evaluation period" in the main menu of daime.
  • Further use of daime requires a license key. Academic users at non-profit institutions can request a free academic license key. Choose option "Help:Request academic license key" in the main menu of daime. A license key is valid for a whole team (research group), but not for an entire institution. All members of a team can share the same license key and use daime on an arbitrary number of their computers.
  • We ask academic users, who have got a free license key, to cite the daime publication if they publish results obtained by using daime.
  • Other users can contact us for a non-academic license key.

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